Designs   by Denise

Head-Turner Curb Appeal!
I knew this design WOOD make heads turn and cars slow down. We've received seven offers in five days!
Covid-19 Pergola  Project 
We got tired of drinking inside during SIP, so we decided to build a pergola/bar so we can drink outside! My hubby and I designed the structure and I had so much fun decorating our new backyard lounge... cheers!


My cousin asked me to help decorate a bathroom of a home she is moving into. Because it’s a rental, we are limited to what we can demo, so we had to work around it. The vanity & shower has yellow tile with black tile trim, flooring is brownish linoleum, walls were dingy beige and altogether it was very dated. Challenge accepted!! I told her to just let me take over so I can feed my creative soul!! 


I was presented with a design challenge!

Before Picture

With the help of my design team (my husband), we painted the walls, vanity & ceiling white. The black tile really stood out so I wanted to incorporate clean black lines in the design. We removed & replaced the antique mirror with a metal black mirror to give it a modern touch. I found these sconces which were an oak wood finish so I spray painted them black and added some greenery.

To hide the nonfunctional vent that someone had previously covered with wall paper, I hung a rope ladder with decorative towels. We installed floating shelves & this pretty yellow botanical art piece I found on Etsy.  We swapped grandma's curtain and shower curtain with a clean and basic design. I found a 3 tier shelf that I thought would be cute to store a plant on top and magazines on the bottom. My cousin was surprised and ecstatic with the Mid-Mod design of her new bathroom!

National Association of Realtors   2019 Stats