Designs   by Denise

Head-Turner Curb Appeal!
I knew this design WOOD make heads turn and cars slow down. We've received seven offers in five days!
Covid-19 Pergola  Project 
We got tired of drinking inside during SIP, so we decided to build a pergola/bar so we can drink outside lol! My hubby and I designed the structure and I had so much fun decorating our new backyard lounge... cheers!
Living Room Makeover 
Thanks to quarantine 2020, we were finally able to revamp our living room! The before pics are so blah... I know (Hubby's brown couches before I moved in). Hubby loves darkness for some reason, he installed dark brown blinds which always dimmed our living room.. and my life! I even tried to brighten the room with white couch covers even if they looked super awkward because they didn't fit lol. I've always despised the carpet and the white tile and I knew one day we'd demo them.
And here it is! Our fresh new living space and boy does it feel grand! It just gives off a totally calm and relaxing vibe. Hubby ripped out the carpet, slashed each tile and installed new Pergo floors & new baseboards. I wanted some kind of textured accent wall so we found this beadboard at Home Depot and I painted it a deep teal green. Finally got my cognac leather sectional I've always wanted and I adopted my teal staging chairs into our home. We hung the curtains high to highlight our tall ceilings and windows. 


My cousin asked me to help decorate a bathroom of a home she was moving into. Because it’s a rental, we were limited to what we can demo, so we had to work around it. The vanity & shower had yellow tile with black tile trim, flooring was a brownish linoleum, walls were dingy beige and altogether it was very dated. Challenge accepted!! I told her to just let me take over so I can feed my creative soul!! 


I was presented with a design challenge!

Before Picture

With the help of my design team (my husband), we painted the walls, vanity & ceiling white. The black tile really stood out so I wanted to incorporate clean black lines in the design. We removed & replaced the antique mirror with a metal black mirror to give it a modern touch. I found these sconces which were an oak wood finish so I spray painted them black and added some greenery.

To hide the nonfunctional vent that someone had previously covered with wall paper, I hung a rope ladder with decorative towels. We installed floating shelves & this pretty yellow botanical art piece I found on Etsy.  We swapped grandma's curtain and shower curtain with a clean and basic design. I found a 3 tier shelf that I thought would be cute to store a plant on top and magazines on the bottom. My cousin was surprised and ecstatic with the Mid-Mod design of her new bathroom!

National Association of Realtors   2019 Stats